Anyway to whitelist all powershell useage for a specific game/software?

Anyway to whitelist all powershell usage for a specific game/software?

Been playing Star Citizen with my guildmates but every time the game’s launcher check for a update Comodo pops up a warning/authorization requests about powershell, and if I verify the game files comodo will always give 4 warns about powershell access registery, Access COM interface with the svchost.exe, then the cmd.exe, then finally comhost.exe. Already have the firewall setup to let the launder and game itself do what every they want ports/ip wise and have the folder their both in as a scan exclusion but still get the warns every time.

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Hi StarDruid,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your cis version and win Version ?
And make sure you do not installed any other security software other than cis.
Kindly share us the game download link, so that we will check and update you.


Windows 10 22H2 OS build 19045.2846
I only have Comodo IS installed with Microsoft Defender & firewall disabled.
Unfortunately Star Citizen isn’t not a free to play, But their website is

When the game patch/verifies it makes a random temp folder that then is deleted afterwards but I got the contents of them. CIS also puts a C_powershell.exe_#####.ps1 in the tempscrpt folder in it’s own director. The last ones content was:
Start-Process -FilePath “‘C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Local\Temp\92ffc6fcafbff10432bbf6a95c353299\execute.bat’” -WindowStyle hidden -Verb runAs

In that temp folder was a “execute.bat” and “command.bat”.
execute.bat contents:

@echo off
call “C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Local\Temp\92ffc6fcafbff10432bbf6a95c353299\command.bat” > “C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Local\Temp\92ffc6fcafbff10432bbf6a95c353299\stdout” 2> “C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Local\Temp\92ffc6fcafbff10432bbf6a95c353299\stderr”
(echo %ERRORLEVEL%) > “C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Local\Temp\92ffc6fcafbff10432bbf6a95c353299\status”

Command.bat contents:

@echo off
chcp 65001>nul
cd /d “E:\games2\StarCitizen\RSI Launcher”
“E:\games2\StarCitizen\RSI Launcher\resources\installer-support.exe” --fix-library-permissions “E:\games2\StarCitizen\StarCitizen”

I’ve tried gives the installer-support.exe unrestricted access though the firewall but that didn’t help. Also tried tell it to run as Admin in it’s setting but didn’t fix the issue. Did change the alerts though, Sadly the forums don’t allow uploading of the logs since they are exported in html format and the forums won’t let me attach the file with txt extension since I’m a new user. Here a screen shoot of the window.

Hi StarDruid,

Thank you for providing the requested information.
We have reported your concern to the team.
For time being Disable embedded code detection for PowerShell in order to overcome this issue.
Refer the below link for guidelines.


Unfortunately this just reduced the alerts i got by one. I put the powershell.exe, the game’ s launcher, installer-support.exe, and the folders for the game and launcher in there. For now I’ll just have to put SIC in silent mode when play the game and I’ll see if i can put in bug report with the game developers letting them know the way their current doing verification is throwing up security flags for CIS.

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Hello StarDruid,

We appreciate your report and would like to assist you further.
Could you please provide us with the version of CIS (Comodo Internet Security) and the Windows version you are using?
Additionally, please ensure that you haven’t installed any other security software apart from CIS.
Kindly share the game download link with us, allowing us to investigate the issue thoroughly and provide you with an update accordingly.

Best Regards
Devid Lucas