Anyone using Comodo's certificate manager?

For reference:

I am looking for something for my company to use to manage hundreds of certificate installations. There are maybe a few dozen individual certificates, does anyone use this?

Reached out to Sales a couple days back, looking for user reviews.


Hi Scott,

I use Comodo’s Certificate Manager with my current company. It’s great and ever-evolving (from user-input) and I feel it’s a lot better than most I have seen and reviewed. If your company uses or is thinking to make use of Venafi, there’s a hook from Venafi into CCM, which opens more avenues for automation.

Certificate Manager’s real power is seen when you’re trying to manage around 50+ certificates and if you have less, it might not be worth it for your organization but there might be another product that Comodo offers that may work for your organization.

If you have any specific questions for me, I would be glad to assist.

Thanks! We are selecting vendors, and it’s great to hear it works well for you Sal.

One follow up, do you use email signing at all? CCM advertises it is manageable through its interface as well.


I am looking for a Certificate Management solution like Comodo’s Certificate Manager. Can you tell me if it integrates with Active Directory? How? Can I request S/MIME certificates based on GPOs?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards,
Cristina Maia

No, we do not, but I wish we did! We have our hands full with Mutual Auth, SSL/TLS & Code Signing certs right now. We’ll hopefully get to email signing and encryption within 2017.

Yes, certificates for S/MIME and other digital signature items (like Code Signing) are available through the same “portal” (Certificate Manager). The escrowing of private keys, for SMIME certs, is also available too.

As far as I am aware, it does but the company I work for does not presently make use of that component but I believe we just might within the next year! I don’t recall exactly how it works, so I suggest you give a ring or email to Comodo during the business week to ask. In the event it does not, Comodo has always been very accommodating to suggestions and improvements so if they don’t have it RIGHT NOW, they could have it somewhere soon down the line.

Hope this helps!