Anyone trying Minefield?

So is anyone trying out “Minefield” which is the codename for the next Firefox.
There are some big claims about it being the fastest Javascipt engine out there and i must say the rendering in it is very impressive.
As its still at Beta stage if you want to try it you will have to find it yourself but remember there may be bugs etc etc.
Just wondered if anyone else had a view on it?


I’m running Firefox codename Minefield (3.1b2pre) right now, and I’ve had no problems so far. It has always been very fast at rendering pages for me, but it does feel a bit faster sometimes (probably a placebo-effect because newer=better :P).

Some interesting reading about the new and fast JavaScript engine:

Also using it here. One question: when typing/copying any adress in the adress bar and pressing enter, it simply won’t work. This happens for quite some time now. Having the same issue?

I´m running 3.6.1pre and I´ts behaving fairly well. Hangs some times, but there´s daily updates. Some Comodo app´s such as online virus scan does´nt work yet, due to not updatet Add-on.