anyone running av

I love comodo firewall but I am running avast pro as antivirus, the question I have is I want to know is have anyone dumped other Av for comodo completely, I would like to know if it runs, detect as av and will I be completely covered, email, web, etc. Thanks for any input

I’m relying completely on CIS for real time protection. I do use both Avira and Avast for on demand scans, but at the moment CIS seems completely capable.

i use only CIS (with AV) on my pc and only avast (home) with software-restriction policy on the other…

If you know how to work D+(and i dont mean clicking allow/deny. i mean customize the rules etc) then id say switch to CIS otherwise you’re ok with avast ,atleast for the time being. when comodo’s anti-virus moves into top5 then you are good to go alone with CIS ;).

you got avast pro which means you paid for it. id definetly keep Avast. The web-http scanner is alone worth everything. (cant tell you how many times it stopped ■■■■ right in its tracks).

also, it might be too early to go with cis alone…till some 3rd party results are in id keep the other guy.

hope this helps. :slight_smile:

ps. for me cis is all D+. i switched off the firewall … the anti-virus is just a bonus grin

ps. avast has a lot of stuff. but its marketing’s not too good. the website could be a little more technical but its not… oh well.

I run only CIS, I used to have Avast but now there is only CAVS and SuperAS(but it didn’t detect anything so Comodo works :slight_smile: ). Of course it is not perfect yet but I feel safe and secure thanks to AV and D+. I’m planing to test upcoming Avira Antivir free 9 for some time, but I will stay with CAVS in the future.

Thanks HeffeD for your input and slangen, you gave the the advise I needed, I also have the all D+ switched off the firewall, it was giving me to many popups under any mode, but my sig tell all my specs.

ronnycopeh, I see you use lot of security software: Avast Antivirus Pro , Spywareblaster, WinPatrol Plus, SuperAntiSpyware Pro, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, Comodo Firewall. If I were you I’d have only CIS and SAS. In my opinion there is no need to have installed all these tools. AV, firewall and antispyware scanner is enough to be quite secured. There are online scanners too. I use CIS for few months and my pc is clean, I checked it with other scanners, Kaspersky, Norton and others. Comodo is getting better and detection rate is growing.

I have used the complete CIS suite of programs ever since it came out in Beta on 3 production machines. I trust it completely. It has always worked perfect and has never allowed a virus to get on any of our computers. I also run BOClean and Spyware Blaster resident in the background. I run the free version of Super Antispyware and Malwarebytes Anti-malware as on-demand scanners primarily for adware, but also for anything else they might find. I alternate running one of these on-demand scanners about once a month.

CIS just keeps getting better and better. With V3.8 incorporating buffer overflow, I no longer have Comodo Memory Firewall running on our computers. When BOClean’s resident anti-malware function is incorporated into CIS V3.9, I will then remove Comodo’s BOClean program from our computers. By the time CIS gets to V4.0, it should be right up there competing with the best security suites on the market. But even right now, I find it to be a very good security suite.

Breen, thanks for your input, SAS is the only realtime scanner, spywareblaster is not a scanner, MaM is on demand and WinPatrol monitors and exposes adware, keyloggers, spyware, worms, cookies, … Unlike traditional security programs, WinPatrol doesn’t scan your hard drive. I just wanted to say I set a restore point and uninstalled Avast Temp to tru comodo av, so far pc run smooth with just one exception, av just updated and need to restart, will thi happen all the time it updates or can I stop the popup?

I assume you have version 3.8 of CIS. Restart is needed only when there is significant update, I’m no pro so I do not know why. Usually updates are quite silent, only popup on taskbar.

I used NOD32 and I’m running the AV since 3.5. Haven’t had a single problem with the AV, just few FP’s in the beginning but nowdays no problems anymore. Everything works just fine on my end.

just restarted, so we’ll see how quietly it updates, I am using the latest 3.8, PhyxionNL, from what I understand its not good to run two av at all, I’ve read this almost everywhere. I uninstall avast before installing comodo Av. thanks for all the help

PS. Do anyone know if the Av have email scanning

No it does not, but email scanning is not really necessary.

Correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Any malware to infect your pc has to access memory or hard drive - CAVS will detect it
  2. Nowdays every email account provider scans messages from viruses.


It’s quite alright to run more than one AV as long as only one of them is running in active scan mode. If you use another AV only to run on demand scans, there should be no issue. Although it is a good idea to disable the actively scanning AV while running a scan with the other AV, otherwise each file the on demand scanner scans will also be scanned by the on demand scanner which could cause slow scans or other problems.