anyone now if this is good program? [RESOLVED]

Microsoft update keeps trying to give me this Windows Search 4.0 for Windows XP i looked it up all they say is its a more powerful search then the built in one. anyone use it is it any good and worth the d-load.

Not needed.

thanks Vettetech

I don’t know why you would want a more ‘powerful’ search engine.
I have 28,303 files in total on C:. I use the default search program in Windows XP, which finds any file I search for in a few seconds, and that’s without the indexing service enabled (which is used to speed up the search).
The one in Vista should be better, so I don’t see why you would need to upgrade to a more ‘powerful’ one…
The default one will find what you want, so what can make it more ‘powerful’? Finding what I want, that’s what I want my search program to do.
Like Vettetech said, it’s useless.


I read this on a website about Search 4.0 not so good for Vista users no choice. :frowning:
If you notice your hard drive crunching later this month while performing a menial task, fear not: it’s just the new Windows Search software creating an index of your files. Microsoft plans to automatically deliver version 4.0 of the software, formerly Windows Desktop Search, to Vista users.

yeah it’s trying to give it to me on xp pro

Horribly annoying resource hog, avoid… >:(

I already installed it. Really didn’t think about it, all seems fine.

someone told me that Google desktop is better anyone use that?

Google Desktop installs unneeded services and start up programs. Once again why bother and don’t bother. How many times do you actually need to use it. If your gonna use it all the time then go ahead. I never install any bs programs. I have never needed to search anything from inside my pc. If I do then I go to Start and click search. Other then that I launch my trusted Firefox and click search.

very good thanks for come Vettetech on this i don’t need any more resources taken up . thanks all.

I personally don’t need the extra resource’s either…

Will close this one. :P0l