anyone know what this is: cisCA02.exe


For the record, I am currently using Windows 7 Pro, Sp1.

Up until about a week ago I was using the latest version of Comodo Internet Security Suite Free. I suddenly had trouble getting updates so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it. Once I had finished doing both the Program didn’t install properly and I was referred to Geek Buddy. Geek Buddy was remotely trying to help me when we were cut off and I could reconnect at the time.

So I then installed Zone Alarm Antivirus and Firewall successfully in order to have protection.

However, now every time I start the computer I find this warning in my Event Viewer labeled ‘Software Restriction Policies’:

Access to C:\ProgramData\cisCA02.exe has been restricted by your administrator by location with policy rule {ad390205-8f71-4228-8c62-a972bffb8464} placed on path C:\ProgramData*exe.

I notice it starts with ‘cis’ so I am wondering if it has something to do with Comodo that was left behind after the uninstall. However, I have searched my computer and can’t find it anywhere.

Does anyone have any idea what it is or know if it is still on my computer and, if so, how to get rid of it?

Thanks and regards,

in Explorer, right click on the file and get the down-lo on who makes it.

I’m intrigued with the notion that executables life in the root of the program folders and not in their own cozy little installation folders…


I would do that if I could find it. I have searched the computer and can’t find it anywhere.

I was wondering if it might be something left over when ‘Geek Buddy’ was playing with my computer.