Anyone in this forum a website traffic guru?

My brother owns a small mortgage company. He is seeing less and less return on his advertising dollar from the yellow pages. He believes that the future is in “on-line” ads. When someone types in “mortgage loans” on a yahoo, google or internet search, he wants his website to be listed near the top. Or at a minumum, he ants to drive a certain number of people to his website.

  1. Is there a provider (in the U.S.) that really excels at this service that he should consider using?

  2. How much should he expect to pay for 100 hits per month? 200? 300?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can lend in this matter.

try google adwords.

and learn all about it.
you should be able to do it yourself without paying others.
once u open an account you can see how many clicks each keyword generate a month etc.
prices vary because its a bidding system.


Maybe will help you.