anyone have problems with cis detecting but not quaranting automatically

cis is set to auto quarantine threats and not show alerts but when i look at logs, the only action taken is dtected. in order to quarantine i have to track the file down and scan the file so comodo will detect so i can choose to clean/quarantine the threat

I am having the opposite problem with files getting quarantined and no notification is provided, or a way to look up the problem documentation.

Merlin, please don’t crosspost. I answered your question in your topic.

I changed my settings to reflect yours and I can confirm the behaviour when downloading test file. Even when opening the folder CIS does not give a squeak. Only scanning the file (the folder is too big for a quick scan) makes CIS detect it.

When setting the AV to alert me does not make CIS alert me. When opening the download folder it won’t give a squeak. Only a manual scan picks up the eicar test file.

I am on Win 8.1 with the latest CIS (2976). This seems a bug to me. Can anybody else confirm?

In Windows 7, using IE 11, I can not download any of the Eicar files because they get blocked by the SmartScreen filter. They do however, show in the quarantined list of CIS. Using Dragon, CIS alerts to every one of them when I attempt to download them and automatically quarantines them. I am unable to actually download the files in either browser.

I’ll check now with my 8.1 system.

Okay I get exactly the same behavior in Win 8.1 in both IE 11 and Dragon. I get the CIS alert box saying “potentially unwanted application stopped” and it gets quarantined. I’m using the 32 bit version of 8.1 Pro, maybe it’s only an issue in the 64 bit flavor of 8 or 8.1?

My Win 7 machine is 64 bit and it works as intended. Both systems, however do give alerts as things get quarantined when maybe they shouldn’t according to what the settings option says.

Tested trojansimulator from testmypcsecurity with CIS 6 latest defaults on Win 7 64. Its working properly i.e threat was quarantined & it was present in quarantine section.

I am on Win 8.1 x64. At trscsaeg: what Windows version are you on?