Anyone faced this on XP 32?

Sometimes when I download & save anything on desktop with CD, after the download completes the file doesn’t appears/I cannot see on desktop, only when I refresh i.e rightclick desktop & click refresh the file appears on desktop.

Anyone faced this thing with CD on XP 32?


Heyy Siketa,

Only you & me are facing this prob or only you & me are on XP & others have move forward 88)

Hope 2 users are enough for Devs to look into this :slight_smile:

My deep testing of CIS takes place in virtual machine running WinXP SP2 32-bit.
Maybe VM (VMware Player) is the cause of such behavior.
So far, I haven’t seen this “problem” in my real setup running Win7 SP1 32-bit.

I too haven’t seen this prob on my Win 7 64.

The prob is only on XP 32 & that too sometimes not everytime.


I’ve also problems with downoads on XP SP3 since the upgrade to Dragon 20.0, but my problems are more annoying than yours as the files downloaded are unusable. See here :

And today, I discovered another problem : I cannot anymore save an image from the net on the XP computer. :cry:

If you also report the bug, the Dev. will probably be more aware that there is something askew with version 20.0 on XP, at least for some users.

Files saved to Desktop do not show until refresh is a known problem for Chromium-based browsers: