Anyone Doing Support?

Is anyone there answering support tickets? We’ve been trying to obtain a code signing cert for a week now and have had 1 reply since Friday and that reply was obviously by someone who hadn’t even read the details of the previous communication between us and support.

This shouldn’t take a week to get done… and we shouldn’t have to wait days to get a support reply.

Please check both your Personal Messages and the email account you used to register your forum account.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hi thesideline

thats weird…

pls pm me i will get someone on it asap…


Thank you for the follow-up messages on this… I logged in first thing this morning to find the certificate had been issued!!! :BNC

I’m not sure exactly where the breakdown is in the process though. If it helps any, it seemed to me it was a combination of 2 things:

  1. Too many different people working on the ticket. We had one person tell us one thing only to have another person contradict that later. That alone wasted two days of our time and resulted in us sending in documentation that did not help.

  2. The validation docs people appear to be overwhelmed with requests. I say that because either the responses were very slow in getting back to us and when they did, they did not take the time to read the history of the ticket to understand all the pieces that already taken place. They seemed to be working from a “script” in their replies rather than genuinely replying with appropriate answers and feedback to the situation.

But let me also say that the experience is not all bad and this being our first code sign cert I’m sure we weren’t appropriately prepared. And thank you also for providing a very cost effective option for these code sign certificates. I cannot believe what other companies are charging and we will definitely continue doing business with you in the future (ie. renewals) because of that.

Regards and thank you again… now on to the fun part!

oh glad its resolved Doug and thank you Ewen for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

Happy Signing Doug!


I called in twice, and after waiting for 20 minutes both times, I got some guy who mumbled under his breath and was really not very much help. I don’t know enough about this to ask the right questions, as someone in support, you should drive the conversation not me. I expressed my confusion with sending in credentials and he just said “so whats the problem?”. I’m confused. Give me some help. Don’t read me the same thing I just read you.


Hi Auron,

I’ve PM’d someone further up the food chain. You should be hearing from them shortly. I would check in this thread, for a Personal Message on these forums adn at the email account you used when purchasing the certificate.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I believe Richard (from Comodo) is in touch with you…
thank you