Anyone Address Support or Use Forum?

Wow, – I always seem to get a response to my issues which end in:

  1. we have forwarded the issue to our developers
  2. We will get back to you as soon as possible once our developers reports regarding the issue.
  3. Should have any queries do not hesitate to write to us.

The problem is, that no one EVER gets back to me, the issue is NEVER resolved, and NO ONE responds on the Forum. I have multiplying weird coded headers invading my program, invisible headers that freeze up the entire Antispam program, and I can’t even get a question answered as to where the database resides.

Is this the standard Customer Service?

Hello mortimer,

After a period of unavoidable lowered activity (human resources) we are renewing the AntiSpam project. We are currently expanding the team to improve the quality of Comodo AntiSpam and to add more exciting features. :BNC

Please bear with us as we remedy the situation and expect more activity on the AntiSpam front over the next few months. :SMLR

Kind Regards,
Shane. :■■■■

You are doing better than I! I,ve tried for 2 days to download anti-spam,have 2 register e-mails,BUT IT WON’T DOWNLOAD! I’ve spent hours trying to get support,won,t accept email,and i’m getting disgusted with the whole company. Don Julian

seems like this part of comodo antispam that is is a dying program?nothing in years

I wonder what my luck will be.

I have just tried installing the antispam and I.vault downloads. Both crashed with the dreaded ‘blue screen’ stop error scenario. (CNY) No - we need Comodo.

I am a long time Comodo fan and user, however, this particular project appears to have been shoved to the back burner! I myself would prefer to use Comodo products, but until this project gets back on its feet, I have been using a product (free) called Spamihilator with good results.

Best of luck, Don


Reason: Out-Dated post.