Any Small/Medium Business here? please try ZTL

hi Everyone

If there is any small/medium business I would urge them to try ZTL. It could run your back office, easily and cost effectively! Give it a whirl and please let us know what you think! More than happy to give 1 year free license for any good feedback.


I see that it’s a annual license. How do you enforce the terms? Is it like RedHat where the updater uses an ID for a specified period?

I have a client that could probably use something like this. They’re a small non-profit and can’t afford my consulting fees, so I usually donate time. I would really like to help them become self-sufficient. ZTL may be an answer. I’ll be installing it on one of my spare servers (Compaq DL380) this week to test.

Ok excellent.

If its a charitable organisation, then we have programmes where we give our products at cost or for free. pls let me know…


Thanks for the offer. I’ll see if it will be a good fit for them. Right now they’re on a W2k domain and I’d like to replace it with a SAMBA server so I can do maintenance off-site. They’re 20 miles from me and doing simple chores means I either have to make a special trip and lose half a day or they wait till I’m in the area. They prefer that I drop everything and attend to their needs, but it just isn’t practical for my business. I just recently gave them use of a adic VLS DLT library for backups. I’d rather run Amanda locally and save the network traffic (that’s the reason for the question about Amanda in a previous message).

There are multiple reasons for the recommendation. Maintenance cost is by far the biggest incentive. Even if I have to give them everything.

Bob G

I’m finally using ZTL in a test environment. The more I play, the better I like it.

Oh Glad to hear!
Its a powerful platform and it will only get better :slight_smile:


Just read your review in Linux Pro Mag. - I am an admin for 35 small private schools - all non-profit and no money. We are looking for a Router/Firewall/Dansguardian/Samba single box solution that can do mail and web.

Your product looks inviting - I cannot find any mention on configuring Dansguardian in the docs and is the default hardware config 2 NIC’s??

We are not asking for something for free, we need EASY to configure and manage remotely with Dansguardian.