Any recovery after a network outage?

Just reviewing the product before testing it. Wondering what happens after the remote host has a network outage. After the outage is over, does the EasyVPN client renegotiate a session with the Comodo server to reenlist into the VPN? Or does someone have to be at the remote host to run through the session establishment?

Say you enlist 2 hosts into the VPN “LAN”. One of them is your laptop while you are out of the office or away from home (vacationing, off-site call, between home and work, etc.). Use the scenario of a wandering laptop and home desktop. You use EasyLAN to connect the home desktop to enlist it into the VPN. While away from home, you enlist the laptop using EasyLAN. Your home desktop experiences an outage from your ISP (that provides Internet connectivity at home). After that outage is over, is the EasyLAN client on the home desktop going to automatically renegotiate a session with the Comodo server to enlist itself again into the VPN “LAN” (so the laptop can later do the same and get back to the home desktop with which it previously lost access)?

Might there be an option in EasyVPN to periodically poll for a connection to the Comodo server in trying to reestablish that a host is pending a handshake with another host that enlists under the same account?

Also, is it possible to get the help or manual for the product without having to first install the product? Would be handy to read it to see what it can do before deciding to install and trial it.

At the moment, if one party to an EasyVPN gets disconnected, the only resolutions is for the disconnected party to manually reconnect. There is no auto-reconnect option and I doubt that this would be added as the potential for abuse is too great.

Future version may include the concept of trusted connections between known parties.

Current versions HTM file attached.

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