Any projection on when IMAP will be supported? [Solved]

It became immediately obvious that Comodo AntiSpam (CAS) does not support IMAP. The user can only specify POP and SMTP parameters in an account defined in CAS. Even by configuring POP to “leave message on server” is not equivalent to the synchronization available with IMAP across all server-side folders with a local e-mail client or in accessing that account from multiple hosts, like from home, work, and while travelling. Will CAS get updated to support IMAP?

On a similar note, is CAS planned to support Deltasync? Outlook and Outlook Express only support the old DAV protocol to communicate with Microsoft’s HTTP mail hosts. While POP became available again back in November 2007 for paid Windows Live Hotmail Plus accounts (but not for paid MSN Hotmail Premium accounts), WebDAV remains the primary protocol for accessing paid Hotmail accounts. DAV access for free Hotmail accounts was dropped many years ago. However, Microsoft is moving to employ its Deltasync protocol for all Hotmail accounts, even free ones. So users can access their Hotmail accounts using Deltasync as long as the e-mail client supports that protocol. Outlook only support DAV unless the user installs the Outlook Connector add-on (which only work with versions 2003 and 2007 of Outlook and only against Windows Live Hotmail accounts). Outlook Express support is dead (since 2002) so Microsoft won’t ever make it support Deltasync. Windows Live Mail supports Deltasync so access to Windows Live Hotmail (free or paid) is available. I don’t know if Microsoft has yet released an SDK to allow 3rd parties to include Deltasync support in their e-mail clients. If such an SDK exists or will exist, will Comodo add Deltasync support to CAS so Hotmail users can use CAS? Although CAS has been around during which WebDAV has been supported by Outlook and OE which are the supported clients in CAS, WebDAV has never been supported by CAS. So it is probable, based on history, that Hotmail users won’t be able to use CAS and it will probably remain that way.

IMAP (circa 1991) has been around for longer than Hotmail (circa 1996, WebDAV added in 2000) but CAS that only showed up in the last year, or so, doesn’t support IMAP, WebDAV, and probably won’t support Deltasync. Obviously Hotmail users would require CAS to support Deltasync to use CAS with their Hotmail account. Anyone using IMAP would need CAS to support that protocol to use CAS. As it is, POP and SMTP is it for CAS.

Hi VanguardLH:

  It's a a good idea to supports IMAP and other protocols, such as Deltasync. Or we may develop mail clients plug-ins to supports all protocols.Thanks!