Any plans of advancing support for Linux?

Is there work being put or planned for supporting Linux kernel v4+ and more current Linux distributions like Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?

As far as I can tell the development of CAVL has stopped quite a while ago. May be we should this consider one of the various abandoned projects of Comodo.

Sorry I am afraid I have to agree the last post for Mac was nearly 2 years ago, which never happened at that time.

Versions for both are now years out of date, and require some effort and knowledge to actually make them work.

Post for Mac from 2014 quoted below.


That was the conclusion I reached.

If it’s permissible to suggest a different product on a Comodo forum, Sophos free AV for linux provides on-access and on-demand scanning and works on my Ubuntu 16.04 box. No GUI though - terminal control only.

Thanks! I’ll certainly give it a try.