Any news on progress


Any news of progress for CAVL? Are we nearing a final release?


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Shhh, Comodo’s staff is sleeping, please don’t disturb… :frowning:

well i think they gonna Drop the Project :cry:

Most of the Linux users are AV haters and some of them Firewall Hater too

this bad for us because comodo won’t devolop something just a Few gonna use

i like it and i want to see a Firewall devoloped too

nice Job

I believe the project is still alive cause language translations are being updated.

That’s good to hear :). Has been quiet for a while.


i would cry if they killed the project

I do not think they would kill CAVL, since it is the same code base used for Comodo Rescue Disk as well.

May be they are trying to incorporate some CIS 6 changes in to all the packages, that is why the slow progress or seemingly virtual stall in the development.

why would they kill this project?

more and more poor people from countries like China, India, etc coming online in the next 10-20 years and they can’t afford Windows so what OS are they gonna use? Linux.

Also, Comodo want’s to play in the pay enterprise space with CIS. But to sell to many enterprises, your security suite needs to have a centrally managed system that runs on all their systems, that means Windows desktops and laptops, maybe Mac laptops and likely Linux servers (for PCI compliance etc you need AV, whether you think you do or not on the OS)… So they will need coverage there to compete with Symantec etc that has those OSs covered.

Comodo had an endpoint manager as well as Comodo Network Center. Both products are actively being developed.