any more confessions?

pls post them as a new post here.


I’m guilty of gluttony… I bought 4 KVMs when I only needed 2 because they were too cheap to pass up. Might not be a sin… I’ll resell them. :wink:

Oh, and… I didn’t admit the rest of the 97245672435 sins. That’s probably the biggest and knowing me, I’ll probably do another one tomorrow while driving during rush hour.

Ok Melih, I confess, now you’re just plain scaring me. :-X


I have a big confession to make, I am putting this here out of greed to go from 399 posts to 400, I am far from sainthood now… (:AGL)



Ok, I lied, I wasn’t really sorry…

I secretly think the bunny would be nice in rabbit soup… (joke);D


Bunny Cries

Tell him I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. (:HUG)

Bunny Smiles and says “I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD” (in a sqeaky voice)

I confess, I thought Melih was scaring me, but you two cotton tails have surpassed that. :wink:

And Justin, I confess, I wasn’t confused for hours, just went back and forth for 1 hour MAX.

I confess I don’t like the bunny, it needs to be on a spicket. That rabbit is freaking me out. Is this turning into the COMODO horror forums??

What happens around Halloween? Perhaps Melih has all his followers, the mods, and you all have black hooded robes and “”““sacrifice the bunny?””“” I’ll be there!! lolll :smiley:



Aww well if you really don’t like the bunny I will take him off.

Lol, what is the deal with the bunny anyway? Is it just one of those things that don’t mean anything? Like a husband’s opinion? I confess, i am confused.



Lol it was just for fun, had no meaning really.

Oh, I confess, I knew that all along. lol.

Then, if just for fun…you won’t mind if I do … THIS!!!

( + +) =

“—0 (”) (,)

(,) () (")



I confess, I confess!! I wanted to do that!! Teltale bunny!

This is Bunny.


This is Bunny in a blender.
\ (__/
\ ) ‘.’ (/
\ (‘’)/

| |
| |

LMAO!!, :smiley: Good one!



Lol, Bunny disapeared from my signature, whats up with that?

He must have “blended” with the background.

Ok… I admit it… I’m drunk… and I’m getting hungry when you talk about bunnies all the time…

I confess, I hate that bunny more and more! :wink: