Any idea how long in Beta? [Merged Threads]

Been away for a while so not been able to check out the Comodo forums but it still says on the website Comodo Anti-Virus is Beta. Is this still true? When are we expecting a fully working copy I want it to replace AVG. But dont fancie using Beta.

Yep, it is still a Beta. I asked about it a few weeks ago to Kevin, and he told me that they are rewriting some of the code of CAVS, and they will add some new stuff :slight_smile: But he also told me it would take a few month before we would see this new version :cry:

Greetz, Red.

What Rednose has posted is correct, coding of Comodo Antivirus is being re-written, and we can expect a beta version either late this year or early next year, it is possible that it may be released before though. That is about all the information I can give you at this time, sorry :cry:


Why are they rewritting the codes? Is something wrong with it?

Nothing wrong with it, they are just going to make it much much better and, I suspect, make it integrate very well with the new version of CFP under development.


It may be still a beta, but I have been using it since 4th April without a moments bother, so I do not think you would be taking much of a chance by installing it.

It updates seemingly every day and I have checked with various online scans regularly and never found anything it missed.

I know, I know. How long is a piece of string…

How long “might” CAVS be in Beta for? Are we talking a few more months or a year?

I am running a 30 day trial of Nod32 and really don’t like it, the interface is so counter intuitive it’s untrue.

There is no release date yet announced so there is not a definite answer we can give. I would say more likely for a few months.

When can we expect a final release of CAVS?I know it won’t be soon, but any ideas (early next year, late next year, 2009…)? I use Comodo BOClean and Firewall on every computer I lay my fingers! They never let me down, and I can’t wait to have a non-beta version of CAVS to install and protect my computers!

Best regards to all Comodo fans

First Welcome to the forums as I’ve seen that it was your first post fred_br :wink:

As far as I’ve seen the post and answers of Comodo talking about releasing of the antivirus I think the’re waiting for the V3 to go out and that version will be the final one → that will be the one that will go out of beta. I don’t really know why but it’s like that :-. I think there are to many people complaining about some bugs ???

Hope I could clear something up and if I understood anything wrong in the forum please be my guest to say when it’s coming out :wink:


because it’s easier to get a virus than to be hacked. i guess cavs must be in perfect conditions before being released as a final version. I hope they get it vista compatible really soon, since my old laptop gone bad, I’m stuck with vista.
although my current AV is not than bad… seeing how good comodo firewall is, I would really like to try cavs too.

Until you get Vista support, I guess Antivir is a good choice. :slight_smile:


Another good free alternative is PC Tools AV which gets the VB100 award:

Before running off and choosing any antivirus willy nilly have a look at and click on Comparatives and then the latest one. Antivir consistantly in the top 3! The only unfortunate thing is that it’s email protection is only pop3 inbound but I suspect that’ll eventually be improved. Note the email protection is only in the Premium version but still it only costs £14 for the year, can’t complain on price.

There is also a comparative of dection rates (including free antivirus) on


PC Tools AV has an email scanning add-on and is free.

How about a few years, just for sure :smiley:

Nah, no need for that I believe. We’ve heard the number “3” for quite a while now, I’m sure it’ll arrive in “a few months”. :wink:


I pinned this, cause this is a repeated question. (:WIN)

well if it does come out before jan of 2008, I’ll take a picture of me hugging the monitor w/ in the background, because comodo Will be the best AV / AT / Firewall Company out there besides Of those who are not known of course,


i’m using CAVS it is good but BETA :-\