Any idea how I can stop this constant logging?

When I check the event log there is this that goes on for ever non stop very few seconds, the program is allowed so I don’t want need it to worry about this, is there something I’m missing that can exclude this one program from the logging?

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I have the same issue.
It seems that when a program tries direct memory access to one of the Comodo executables it is considered an intrusion no matter how that program is set up in HIPS rules

It is blocked because “COMODO Internet Security” rule in the HIPS rules has “Interprocess Memory Accesses” under “Protection Settings” active. If you want cheatengine to have access to it then you need to add cheatengine to the exceptions in the “COMODO Internet Security” rule. ← At least that’s how it works in CIS v6, can’t remember v5.

OK, got it!!
You have to edit the HIPS rules for the Group Comodo Applications

Yes, this is annoying indeed. In my case it’s this file that belongs to the Synaptics touchpad
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
Sure, CIS is trying to protect its own files but these are not malicious attempts, I think CIS should be handling them better.
If you see the alert counter in the hundreds, it becomes useless to actually pay attention when you see a non-zero alert count.