Any Critical System Errors?

before i try out CTM, i was wondering if there wer any reports of data loss or system becoming unusable or BSOD, etc. with Win7 32bit?

With me, Win7 became unregistered. A simple uninstall fixed it though.

so thers no real MAJOR system failures and such reported for CTM?

I wouldn’t say that. All software has bugs. This is a beta so I expect it to have quite a few. In addition, it is a very low-level program, so it can easily cause major problems.

Most bugs reported have something to do with external drives being plugged in, etc.
But I seem to remember someone who lost everything.

So if you are worried about losing data and having major bugs … maybe you shouldn’t use this yet. And if you do, make an image of your disk and put it on an external hard drive (or DVD).