Any Cricket Lovers??

O.K. Now if ya all don’t know what the game is, this is not the forum… (:TNG)
Cuz it’ll take 2 or 3 months to teach the rules of the game…specially to the Americans :wink:

So if there are lets start a good fight on who’s gonna win the world cup!!!

(I hope there will be at least one person who knows what cricket is (:TNG) )

Go Ireland! Go Ireland! Go Ireland!


I think the Aussies will get up, but South Africa look a tougher side than the last Cup.
Sri Lanka haven’t really grabbed my attention yet, the Indians look really soft and the Windies may suprise a few people before the Cup’s over.


Ewen :slight_smile:

Ok…Now where have you been for the last couple of weeks…We Scored two 300 plus scores.
It was the fourth time a team has done it in a world cup!!!
And we have the best combination at the moment!!!
Just wait and see what we’ll do to the Indians today!!!

Go Sri Lanka!!! :BNC

This time we are gonna bring the World Cup Home!!! :BNC

I hope they both win (:TNG).

Thanks for that. It’ll save us paying for the excess baggage. We’ll pick it up from you on our next tour. LOL

Seriously, best of luck for the Cup. I didn’t mean to say you guys weren’t strong, you just don’t seem to have the sparkle that your team usually has. I don’t know if you have been touring or playing a lot, but your fielding isn’t as sharp as you normally are.

What do you think of the Indians? To me, they look overpaid, underplayed and just there for the ride (Sorry, Kishor ;)).

Can’t wait for tonights game.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well I don’t agree with you my friend!
Team Spirit is at the top right now…Now everybody knows that if our guys are high on Moral…well that’s a “VERY VERY VERY” bad sign for the opposition
And on the contrary our fielding is quite sharp…ya i know mahela dropped a catch…But apart from that it’s quite good…

Indian team is lacking the “unity” and moral…But a good win is enough to turn things around!
But don’t think they are at the top of the game right now…

This time it’s gonna be us…Biggest threat for us is the kiwis…
well lets wait and c…

And from the things that hpnd so far…you might actually win the world cup man!!!

I don’t think Windies will ever get to host a world cup again… (:TNG)

Minnows winning matches…And all the “unexpected incidents”

Well good luck to u as well…against windies

V. sad to hear the news on Bob Woolmer. Regardless of the cause, he was a good man and good for world cricket. He’ll be missed.

good luck fro your match. (:CLP) :■■■■

yup…He’ll be missed big time…Did so much for the development of cricket…
Still can’t believe he was murdered!!!
ok…Olympic city bombing it was due to clashes between two countries…
But this…Oh man …Must be the first time…

RIP Bob Woolmer… You will be remembered forever!!!

3 out of 3. Go Lanka!!!

India, feel sorry for u…but we had to win that match…

and panic…I c ur side losing …hmm…tough luck pal