Any advice on cleaning options?


I used CRC and it reported over a thousand errors. I let them all be cleaned and I lost functionality of at least a couple of programs so restored back the deleted reg entries. Are there any safe reg entries to clean, I mean what can I safely clean for the checked options? Any advice would be appreciated.

You really can’t tell which are safe to delete without trying each one separately (I doubt anyone would do that).

Did you delete the “Unsafe Entries” category as well? If so, try unchecking that one and removing the rest.

“Unsafe Entries - There are values or keys from the Registry files, found in Scanned locations ( Startup, Com and Activex etc) which are not recommended to be deleted because this can affect the system.”

You can also experiment and delete one section at a time (ex. COM and ActiveX, Uninstall Locations, etc.) and see if anything was affected.

By the way, what programs lost functionality?


Can you please post the entries deleted and the programs that where affected by CRC . These are essential for us to resolve the problem . Thanks

Not with a thousand (:SAD)

I didn’t pay much attention to that category. I can try that and delete one section at a time. The restore function works pretty well. (:WIN)

An HP installer program, HP Instant Share setup went into an endless installation loop on reboot after the cleanup. YPOPs! lost a certificate for the Yahoo Mail server that I could not recover with login credentials. That’s when I decided to restore and everything came back. :SMLR

Thanks for posting the apps, it will help the developers. CRC has had a few issues with other HP products but the developers are working hard and it’s constantly improving to become one of the safest reg cleaners.

Could this be ANOTHER episode of the “unsafe entries” lable causing confusion and leading to a user damaging their system? No doubt this issue must be resolved if you want to claim Comodo registry cleaner as “one of the safest reg cleaners.”

See this wish list post.

Maybe another stupid question but would you expect a serious system performance issue with over 1000 registry errors? I guess it would depend on what the errors were. Would there be any ranking for performance impact, e.g. bad path>COMs> dlls, etc.? Just asking because I don’t think I am experiencing any system slowness over when the system was new (5 yr old) and was surprised at the number of errors CRC reported. (:NRD)

it depends on the keys. the goal of COMODO registry cleaner is not to remove as many keys as possible (it most likely won’t speed anything up anyway), but to remove those keys that are causing unstableness (e.g. error messages after uninstalling) and preventing your PC from running smoothly. :slight_smile: