Anvisoft Smart Defender Released

Release date: April 20, 2012
Version: 1.0
File size: 31.4 M
Category: Anti-malware Software
Price: Free

Added Features

  • Add new feature - Log Center, view logs of Anvi Smart Defender.
  • Added languages - Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovenija, Turkish.

√ New programed Engine - Swordfish engine, more stable and fast.
√ Fix multi-bugs of previous scan engine.
√ Fix cause to system stops responding bug.
√ More stable cloud scan engine.

The GUI is great, unlike Comodo’s. :frowning:
Did you use it?
Are there any decent antimalware tests?

I tested it with quite a lot zeroday malware on Real system XP SP3 32 Bits Eng.

The GUI in the right hand corner below shows Anvisoft Smart Defender RC2 but on the top shows Anvisoft Smart Defender.

It was very poor in detection, both RealTime & Cloud, I was shocked to see Cloud giving safe verdict for quite a lot malware, cross checked by VT & Valkyrie.

I didn’t liked it at all.

Really interesting article about Anvisoft and thoughts of how it started.

Anvi has excellent GUI. Malware detection is a little low though.

its extremely low. i always see people check its detection and i never see it exceed 20%. more times than not its between 0-5%

The pack of malware was a week old.


Justw watched a video on anvi. detection rate of 1/150. don’t know how I got that results that exceeded 10%. adn the malware the guy used was 2 weeks old