Anvi smart defender

Today i ran into a Anvi smart defender people really need to check this out
Main site ( check site for screenshot and more)


Support forum

And more coming soon (yet to be released to public)

I think I saw a review of it and it was bad, bad, bad even for being in beta state


Now in RC stage and allegedly improving.

Its not a complete review he did not do a cloud scan after the execution the cloud scanner detects and uploads new or unknown files to the cloud and gives instant analysis report whether safe suspicious or dangerous ( see screenshots )
It may not be that good but it is surely catching up and since it is still in beta and they are increasing their virus database it may come out as a good product if it detection catches up

Personally i am testing it from past 3 days and it still did not give me any FP but it surely detected a lot of malware through the cloud scanner over 70-80 % were detected by the cloud scanner hope they can implement the cloud scanner in realtime protection and manual scans
The cloud scanner even has a drag and drop support so u can directly select and drag all files to the cloud for instant analysis
Waiting for Languy99 top test and review and lets see what he finds

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Much appreciate the info.
Looks hopeful.

I adore that aero GUI :a0

The cloud scan seems very promising.

However, have you yet investigated whether it’s verdict of ‘Safe’ is reliable? Does it just call anything it doesn’t find as suspicious or dangerous safe?

discussion on wilders

And About the company site registration and background

Tested the latest RC on real system XP SP3.

281 zeroday malware.

right click scan detected 60 malware.

I ran 50 malware & for almost every malware it gave the same popup adding startup entry & will start with the system with 2 options allow & refuse with do this operation always. I clicked refuse on every alert & also selected do this operation always. Still few manage to create startup entries. It pops up a lot.

I cant find where to look for permanently allowed / blocked apps.

I wasn’t able to run KillSwitch & autorun. Ran cce smart scan & cleaned 4 threats & restarted the system but still killswitch & autorun couldn’t start. When I clicked on killswitch & autorun they appeared initiating & then disappeared. Sometimes for a sec some window opened mentioning some crypt error.

Drag & drop cloud scan is also poor like detection. I tried malware with many detection at VT & cloud scan mentioned suspicious for some, safe for some & dangerous for some.

Tried xxxporno malware which is a malware that doesn’t allow you to take the cursor outside of its window & you cannot do anything but restart the system . Tried this malware with cloud scan & was rated as safe.

Ran this xxxporno malware & anvi gave same 2 popup that adding startup I clicked refuse & selected do this operation always but the malware started & I couldn’t do anything. I restarted the system & in the middle of booting the malware screen appeared & nothing happened. So I started the system again & used CTM boot console to restore system.

For me this product needs heavy improvement & has a veryyy long way to go.


it is still a very new product so of course it still needs improvements

Seems they did a lot of work to improve their product, because I find the latest version 1.02 does a really good job. everything…