Antivirusses are losing the war...

Just look at the graphic on page 2. The misses are not only massive, they’re extremely massive. AV’s are losing the battle so we have to search for other solutions.

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Default Deny is the way forward!


Yup, the web is a dangerous place, and getting worse every second.

Default Deny is the way forward.

No doubt malware has its aim to destroy the internet. Well, not to be completely cynical, its aim is more toward the money involved. Go Default Deny.

I’ve heard this thing milion times already. And i still haven’t seen antiviruses to lose the war…


Last big DDOS sank over 1TB of bandwidth! (which means more Computers were being controlled by botnets mounting the attack)
Now online Crime pays more than smuggling drugs!
Billions of dollars of rev is going into online criminals which are mainly enabled by malware!
Even the antivirus companies have admitted losing the war hence changing the way they are fighting it…
So you think this is winning the war?

I am at a loss what information (or the lack of) you are basing your opinion on…


Within the past week I have had to clean up two of my family/friends computers even though they both had AV software installed and semi-up to date (month old definitions). I do agree AV’s alone are losing the war.

Where did you get that statistic, Sir?


Your whole “LOL” hinges on the assumption that the infected computers had good anti-malware installed. I never recommend Comodo to people who will not take the hour to really learn defense+. I simply tell them to download avira personal, turn on Vista firewall, and make sure to update patches. And your comments would have more weight if there wasn’t a typical antimalware in Comodo! Which is very fast, and catches most of the current malware.