I’ve got the CPF running smoothly now.When am I going to get the final Antivirus release???


There is no current dae for release. The beta is expected towards end of 2007 beginning of 2008, and the final should come a few weeks later.


This is getting close to the end of 07 and the start of 08 so where’s the (beef) meaning AV program.

Hi, yes I would also be interested in knowing some kind of date for cavs3.

Me too. I’m really itching to put CAVS to the test.

Comodo Firewall really surprised me, I expect great things from CAVS as well.


well i myself don’t expect anything extraordinary… It could have great removal capabilities, maybe stopping residential viruses/trojans too, but… signature database… heuristics… though time will tell. right now i’m sticking with NOD32 (pirated anyway, so no difference - free CAVS or “free” NOD32 :-))))

SAME HERE LOL pirated programs rule (:WIN) (:AGL)

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;D :smiley:

They do not rule, the best freeware rule. Let’s not encourage pirated programs.


Is CAV 3.0 final obsolet because of launched v-smart?


No. CAVS 3 will be slowly intergated into CFP 3. Later it will be available as a stand-alone. (:WIN)

Why would you integrate it into CFP 3,then turn around and make a stand alone AV out of it.

because users want both
1)integrated security suite
2)stand alone versions

so we will offer both

I think it would make more sense to make it a stand alone product 1st, some people don’t use the firewall but probably would like to use the antivirus.

After the stand alone, I would integrate both.

Hehe :a0 +1

Developing a decent antivirus is a very hard task. Integrating like they did now in the CPF (only on-demand) is very good. I think the problem with the CAVS module itself is the integration on BoClean (Am I right Melih ?)
Even then I think it will be released at the same time. CAVS 3 and integration in CFP


yes there are many different issues when it comes to developing AV.
However, we are doing really well so far…
keep your fingers crossed…

Yeah, I even got it ones right as a newbie (no offence to the others ;D)

Well I think as you see at the numbers of CAVS threaths that handle over the new version ;D, we all are keeping our fingers crossed.



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