antivirus will not update

my comodo will not update, i cannot find the version number. The last successful update was in november as far as i know. i am dowloading it again to see if it can overwrite the bad file.

try add

In setting updates

case no know, acess link:


If not function you can try clean install (use official uninstaller): Comodo Forum

i over wrote the bad line with a reinstall, it was just an error there some how. It is set to chek for updates every 48 hrs it was detecting just not downloading it was stopping.

Hi wglauzon,

I think your host settings has been modified to beta server. Please check.
And, also check if there is any issue with your network.

If not could you please give me the screenshot of your, 2.update window & 3.Proxy and Host settings.

Host : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
2nd and 3rd as in enclosed pic.

not sure it would do you any good as i over wrote the old files , and am now looking at the same thing as in your pictures. Thank you though. not sure how i got it to malfunction.