antivirus which is good and runs in 32 bit :3

ok my friend has a pentium 4 had 512 ram it died :embarassed: so i replaced it with 128 mb :smiley: but i only trust comodo when it comes to security but i am not sure

if that computer can handle it + he also doesnt have an internet connection so please suggest me a good antivirus something which doesnt take much space or ram

Thank u for reading and ur time have a nice day

Are you trying to run XP on a P4 with 128 MB? That is stretching things. Windows will do a lot of paging making it noticeably slower.

NOD was known to be low on resources. I don’t know if it still is but it is the first solution that comes to mind.

I assume he is running XP. Any later version of Windows probably won’t run with only 128Mb of RAM.

The best way to find out if he can run Comodo is to try it. I would expect poor performance but it may still be useable given that the official minimum RAM for XP is 64Mb. If he never connects to the internet he won’t need the firewall component which should reduce memory requirements.

I doubt that any AV can give good protection without an internet connection to access/update signatures, whitelists and blacklists. I would suggest using something instead that monitors behavior like Winpatrol which doesn’t need frequent updates. One advantage of no internet connection is a much smaller chance of infection.

The Comodo suite or AV would be too heavy for older hardware. The Firewall should be fine in combination with a light AV.