Antivirus Update from CESM to clients

[b]Hi Team,

  1. I want to know whether the CIS updates for the clients will be received from the CESM installed with CIS.

  2. Or else there is any option to push the antivirus updates to the clients from the CESM with the CIS installed.

Waiting for the reply…


I Still didn’t get any replies for my question???

CIS will get AV updates directly from internet or via proxy. It will do that automatically.

If it was the clients update from the Internet than it leads to heavy traffic and in not all the scenarios client would be provided with internet connection except the connection to the server.

:frowning: I asked comodo about this same issue, and they said that this option will be included in the new
version of CESM and CIS
I have download the latest version of CIS and CESM but you still cannot download updates from
the CESM server. just like you I don’t want all my users that has CIS to access the intenet directly to get

I think CESM and CIS has a very serous limitation on this issue. I hope more users can complain about this
so that it can be resolved

Hi Guys,

Offline updater is being implemented. Next version of ESM is going to have it. Should be available in a couple of weeks.