Antivirus module of CIS slows down my disk defragmentation

I installed only antivirus module of CIS (newest version) for testing it but had a problem. My Raxco Perfect Disk 10 took 5 minutes only to analyze my 40 GB partition on Windows Vista Home Premium. I removed the antivirus and everything goes back to normal. A few seconds to analyze my HD.

Others disk defrag utilities had same issue with CAV?

What version of CIS are you using? The AV in the latest beta, 3.9, has what is termed Stateful . What this does is scan your files the first time you use an application. After that, the files are only scanned again if they have changed. You would see a performance increase the second time you ran Perfect Disk.

More information on this issue in the beta threat:;msg270844#msg270844

This has been an issue since CAV was added (for PD at least). Hasn’t been resolved yet (and I’m not sure if they are working on it)

@ mjj09.
Stateful in the beta release is a resolve towards this issue.

I’m using it… no it’s not ;D

made no difference

I use Diskeeper here and it has no slowdown issues with CAV.

Guys if you read the information from my link it all gets clear. :-*

I recommended to defragment your HDD in “Safe Mode”.

I use safe mode. It has nothing to do with D+, it’s CAV that’s causing the problem.

Iam thinking disable the AV when defraging… 88)

D+ will still catch any unknown baddie that tries to start itself… :-TU

lol… well that’s what I (we) have been doing, but that’s not a solution, that’s a work around.

According to Egeman it is under investigation. I guess we just wait and see…