antivirus is so slow

Its like having a 386 machine again, you will need to do sometyhing about the speed of this its terrible.


pls try the latest version of the beta we launched today and let us know if its still slow.

we really appreciate the feedback.

Ehm… :THNK but hey, i guess it’s faster than the previous. The memory scanning time is 3,77 file/s.

I find the latest beta scans my pc faster than either Norton or McAfee. For 49,000 files a full scan took 25 minutes with Norton, 24 minutes with McAfee and 19 minutes with the latest CAVS beta.


Its not ust the scan time, mine took 2 and 1/2 hours which is 40 mins longer than avg, but cav is looking for more malaware so that is fine.

At startup there is a long pause with the lower taskebar showing and then 20 seconds before the desktop icon appears, this is comodo related because when it is removed and AVG is installed there is no delay.

Avg does not find half of what cav does but its faster.

this is using the latest beta,

checking windows event veiwer comodo is throwing an information warning and cannot find the application and does not have the necersary registry information or message dll files etc …

hmm… it might be that the installation did not go well. why don’t you uninstall, clean up, then re-install pls.

slow or not it found 15 trojans that avg didnt. Hats off to you guys thanks for a great product! (:CLP)

reinstalled on a new system and works much better,

still get sytem hangs, which I think is due to the on access scanner scanning large folders and have tuned off hips/

ok great to hear.

there are few more issues that we are ironing out…
with every release it will get better :wink: