Antivirus for Mac OS X

FYI, I dislike Apple.

But you, Comodo, could make money of the Mac users. >:-D

Because barely none anti-malware software for Mac is free.

Just a thought. :a0

Why do you dislike apple? Have you ever seen those Pc’s? They just look ■■■■ sexy. ;D
Yeh Apple has only recently started to make it BIG… More growth than microsoft last year I think? Now would be a great time to jump in.

on it :slight_smile:


What about me,i use ProteMac NetMine.It’s firewall for Mac.It’s helps me a lot,for protect my Mac.

Anyword on development?

William, and? I was on about Antivirus software not firewall. :wink: :slight_smile:

I…HATE APPLE!..But you can make some money…Cha Ching! :smiley:

Apple’s recent conduct with iPhone/iPod apps and their developers has put them in a negative light for me.

I’m fine with Mac development though.

Eh…i can deal with macs

(oh btw {{Off Topic}} but i click the link to Wuala! :D)

It’s true, I’ve not seen any FREE antivirus (with the exception of Clam).

Or Comodo could provide a FREE cloud-based solution.

I saw someone clicked it. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know it was you. ;D

;D Its not bad :smiley:

And i use Protemac NetMine for my Mac.It’s very good program.+

On second thoughts it should be kept Free.

I have both a Windows 7 laptop and a Snowy Leopard OSX laptop, i think a Mac version would be great!

Any news?

I have worked abit on macs and i must says that they are cool:). My finance will buy a mac soon and i have looked for free software and found that Pctools makes an antivirus (i have no idea if it’s good or not) but there is not free firewall software (only paid security software).

I have worked with comodo for some time and i think it would be great to if comodo makes a mac edition of comodo internet security

ok we will.

oo so sweet:). You will rock mac’s world:)!

we are on with it :slight_smile:

mid next year we should have it for Macs! for FREE!!! :slight_smile:


I love the sound of that:) make also a firewall. I don’t know how macs firewall are but i am pretty sure that they aren’t the best.