"Antivirus Engine Is Not Initialized"

I have tried both fixes outlined at:


They did not work. My system is XP-64bit New Installation. I also have Avast! On Access scanner running. When I try to update the Virus Data Base, or run a Virus scan, I get the error “Antivirus Engine is Is Not Initialized”

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the Forum, tijerasbob.
You may have to uninstall CIS, reboot, disable Avast’s on-access scanners, and do a clean install.
Alos, Once installed, make sure CIS’ AV is disabled from on-access if you wish to use Avast’s scanners as such.

I did just that and it worked. I have removed Avast’s on-access scanners from startup. I just thought 2 were better then 1, guess not.

Thanks for your help.

Something I have gleened after many years of testing and researching… I also thought more was better. Heck, at one time I had 3 AV’s all running. Why would anyone do that? Well, simple fact, some will catch some things, and not others, and the others will catch other stuff, but not some things…

The problem, as I found out the hard way, is that especially if you have on access scanning turned on, EACH of the virus programs will scan the files as they try to open/run. This will kill your system performance… Imagine running a game…and that game calls a file…you have to wait while that file is scanned by the virus scanner… In most cases, those files may be small, and you have only 1 scanner running. No noticeable or little lag in your game. Now, take that time and multiply it by each scanner…and what if the file is a large one (take flight simulator scenery files, etc…) A real pain as you are flying an ILS approach, 30 feet from touchdown, 0 visibility, and the system stops for 10 seconds while a file is scanned…oh, and the simulator doesn’t stop btw…so when then system comes back to life, you have slammed into the ground and all 238 people are dead!!!

Anyways, as someone who does test systems and virus apps every day…you never want to run more than one ever at a time. I ran ZA as my choice locally for several years… It is always rated a top selection by the big companies and magazines…but I started having problems and decided to try CIS. CIS tagged 27 virii and trojans that ZA never found. System sped up considerably and running much more stable. (bummer that I had to re-install CIS and now the virus app doesn’t work anymore…lol)

Anyways, there is no easy answer to this… I am sure that CIS will miss something that ZA may have caught…or Avast may have caught… It’s a tricky game of cat and mouse… we can only choose what we find to work best for us, and then you need to stick with that…

In this case…more is NOT better at all!

  • Greg

yo! i’ve just noticed that i have the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

but it only occurs when i’m trying to right click scan a file.
CAV works fine if i scan from CIS module

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What do the diagnostics tell you, Ganda?

i might have avian flu 88)

ow what? oh the CIS diagnostic ;D
it says i’m fine (“did not find any problems in your installation”)

the AV works fine except for the right click menu scan,not a big deal for me.
ow, my system:
other securty softwares (on demand)= SAS,MBAM,Bitdefender