Antivirus engine is not initialized!? [RESOLVED]

I wanted to do a test to see if the AV scanner works but it will not even initialize!

Test files


Hello, Please try to use…
Comodo → Diagnostics.
If that doesn’t work, Please try reinstalling comodo.

Hope this helps…

Does this help:;msg274906#msg274906 ?

I did all in the forum item but I got no baloon, virus version 1135, diagnostics no problem, and so on

I don’t know for sure but I think this has to do with the password protection settings. I do not know how to test this but I found that after deleting the mentioned files in safe mode and updating new that I had to enter my password to get CIS rescan my computer.

Did you set a password for Parental Controls in CIS?

Yes I did, I have setup CIS as mentioned in this forum “safe without popups”. I also removed and installed a new virus db what could have done the trick… but if so… :-[

Than this is scarry… if the virus db can become corrupt and CIS does not see and report, or repair this than we think we are save but the av does not work, correct?

The latter is scary indeed… Did you try what Kyle said? I am curious if Diagnostics works properly under the zero pop ups policy.

can you add your finding to the topic about zero pop ups as well? It may be interesting food for thought.

Hi ErickJH, I’ll try…

Under the Non Pop-up policy(NPP);

Diagnostics works, or does something and replayed to me that there were no problem found.

I did all the NPP settings mentioned and yes there are no pop-ups at all and still viruses found where perfectly quarantined (checked with a fake virus). For every step you want to take to activate something you have to enter your password, maybe a bit irritating but save as far as I can see for now.

If you do not interfere with CIS after the NPP settings you will never be bothered again except for the update balloon. That can be the downside also if there is a pop-up to tell that a file is corupted, if there is a trigger for that…

Its a pity that the test for CIS is in September 2009. If CIS is in the top 3 I will recommend this to all of my clients. If I can translate for Comodo to Dutch that would be great for me to :slight_smile:

There is already a Dutch translation ready for 3.9 and the guys are working the changes that came with 3.9 RC: .

Thats great, but I cant find it in that topic for 3.8 only a 3.9 not finished. It would be nice if the packs where in the first post.

You will have to wait for the release of 3.9 to have a Dutch interface. It is already there in the 3.9 RC. So, within two weeks 3.9 should be there and then you can use the Dutch interface.

Got the RC and thats great, thanks for the tip