Antivirus Crossroads... Advice Please...

Hi all!

I’m coming up to an Antivirus Crossroads.

My Antivir PE Premium is due to run out in 43 days.

My question is this -

I have a copy of Kaspersky Antivirus 7 on my other machine which I barely use but it runs slow on my 1.6ghz 512mb ram xp laptop.

Do I A: Fork out again for Antivir though I’ve not been impressed with it’s email protection. (I run a theatre company primarily showcasing New Writing and so Play Scripts are constantly being emailed in).

Do I B: Go for another light paid antivirus like NOD32 though money being tight I’m unsure about purchasing another antivirus product.

Do I C: Go for the Comodo option of CAVS 2 (with HIPS Disabled as I have CPF3 on my machine) and CMF and CBOC.

Do I D: Go for an alternative free option or other AV.

Suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated.

** My apologies if these are stupid questions.

i would go with a free antivirus like avira or avast until cavs 3 is released and then you can try that version out.avira and avast free are very good av products and should be all you need with cfp 3(my opinion).

I would go for Kaspersky or if you don’t want to spend money, get Avira Free. There’s no need for the e-mail protection, as the file is scanned before it launches by the real-time protection :wink:

Thanks for both of your responses so far. I might do a test over the weekend and see how KAV 7 runs on my XP machine. It has been a year since I last tried it.

Avast 4.7 Home Edition (free) Only Anti Virus i use. I’ve been happy with it over the past 3 years.

He can’t use Avira Free for commercial applications. So if your theatre company makes money you have to buy something anyway (OK, CAVS is free but I don’t think they are there yet).

Hi EricEgan,

You can’t use Antivir Free or Avast Home edition if you want to be legal, since those too are only for home users.

But you can use PCTools free Antivirus since they do not mention in any part of their site that is only for home users.

As on demand scanner you can use BitDefender Free Edition and Dr.Web CureIt!.


And as for Kaspersky, what about that signature of pandlouk’s?!

If money is tight, I’d go with CAVS 2. Better be sure though, that you won’t be affected by any bugs - not the least because it’s your work-machine.


Thanks for your further advice. FYI - the computer is for both home and company use.It’s only me and my wife that are technically in the company. I think I have enough info and suggestions now.

Thanks again for all your suggestions. I’ll have to look further into it and read some more of the Antivirus Comparatives and see how much change I’ve got in my pocket.

Since the laptop is for both uses there isn’t a legal issue. Just a matter of which account I pay for the antivirus with lol


I also forgot to add ClamWin It’s only an on demand scanner but i use it along with my Real Time Anti Virus

Avira free will be sufficient if being accompanied by certain AS/AT proggies.


I think I’ll either be renewing Antivir or installing Kaspersky or buying NOD32. To much on at the moment to make a proper decision but thanks for everyone’s advice!


I like Kaspersky, but im not a fan of Kaspersky 7. Kaspersky 6 has a much better detection rating, and feel. Go for NOD32, its cheaper and better.