Antivirus Comparison Test Results [Resolved]

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What is the definition of an Anti-Virus?
does it have to detect the virus or prevent it or protect you from it?

How can anyone have a decent enough set of malware and can be sure that represents a fair representation of whats out there in the wild, even though they haven’t got a clue about whats in the wild (as if they did, they would have that in their library too).

I don’t mean to be negative, but asking questions to make us think about the values of so called av tests.


AV Products cannot claim to protect all users from ALL MALWARE. They only detect things you see… I been off an AV for about 4 months now. Defense+ Does the job for me IMO… But I’m not suggesting not to use an AV. It’s good for a detection but prevention should be the first line of defense.


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I posted six AV test results sites here:;msg194931#msg194931