Antivirus and review

Hello, I have read many reviews about antivirus and yes also Comodo, let me say this i use the Internet Security Suite Pro of Comodo and i have buy it for the simple reason it has all potention to be an number one. For now the antivirus is so much discussed but let me say this an huge database says nothing an antivirus must well detect all in the wild viruses at this point Comodo has his shortcomings but no problem. The firewall of Comodo 3.5 is capable to block every malware i am running at least 8 months with this combination and no malware, i am absolutely sure that the new antivirus of Comodo has all the goods that others have or maybe more. The antivirus must be updated every one hour and Comodo needs to display on their website which definitions have been added avira does it, avast does it, kaspersky does it. So i hope that the new antivirus will be launched quick and can beat the rest.