Antivirus Alert/Popup

Antivirus alert/popup that appears the first time on detection with the geekbuddy thing. I think settings should have an option to disable those alerts/popups so that on malware detection, malware quarantined normal alert is shown.

The first time alert appears for realtime, ondemand, rightclick scan. And one have to choose dont show again with the option I will take care, for all the types of scan. So whenever I install & set CIS for someone, I have to download & execute harmless sample for realtime protection & choose dont show again, I will take care. Similarly for ondemand & rightclick scan. Sometimes when I forget to do this & visit next time & if on anyones system CIS detected malware, I find things that I avoided during CIS install i.e geekbuddy. They are average users & when they get the popup they think that better select geekbuddy option than doing any mistake.

There should be an option to disable those alerts under settings.

This is a great wish can you please format it to the required format: Comodo Forum

As there has been no response, I will move this one to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.