Antivirus, ahoy!

We all know that the current version of Comodo’s Antivirus (beta1.1) isn’t really going to help any of us in case of a crazy outbreak or a nasty infection…

I made this thread because I want to know what you guys think about other antiviruses.

I’ve been using NOD32 for over 2 years and I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s simple and it does everything and antivirus should do.

The only problem is that I’m bored of it :stuck_out_tongue: NAV sucks, Kaspersky and Bit Defender are OK but I’m looking for a free AV that is good.

What do you guys think of Avast!, AvG, AntiVir, etc, COMPARED to NOD32 and other popular antiviruses.

I’m really interested in Avast!, might give it a shot if I get decent replies.

I also use NOD32. I think you would be making a big mistake by ditching NOD and going with something free. At present, none of the freebies even come close to NOD. KAS is excellent, so it Bit Defender. As much as I hate to say it, so is Norton (but I don’t use any of Norton’s memory hog applications). In my opinion, the security of my PC and personal data isn’t worth risking. I only use world class security products (regardless of price).

CPF is a word class firewall.

NOD32 is a world class antivirus/antimalware.

My advice is to remain bored but safe!

Hmm, well…

I think I’ve heard too much about Avast! and Avg than. ._.

Bullhorn…What do you mean by “._.” ?

Nothing, really. :stuck_out_tongue:


well, I’ve tried Avast, AVG and Antivir, having decided that NAV had to go! In my experience, Avast slowed my system down more than the other two. AVG’s interface is not pretty (so what!) but otherwise seems OK and didn’t slow things down. Antivir (classic - i.e. free) is better looking! And also doesnt slow my system. The only bummer is that you get an Ad screen everytime you update. This screen is basically an Ad for the paid edition, which has the same AV capability but adds spyware detection. Update of the database can be slow sometimes, but as this is a background event, who cares!! Its not like you’re waiting around for it to finish.

Check out this site for AV detection tests:

I ended up using CPF, Antivir and Spyware Terminator (with HIPS) - all free. And so far this combo seems to keep my system free of malware. I also scan periodically with Spybot and Ad-aware, Immunise with Spybot and Spyware blaster (both block known bad internet sites via browser block lists). I’ve also got McAfee site advisor browser plug in (free) running. It flags sites (including sites in google searches - before you’ve even visited the site), giving info as to whether they are dodgy or not, and if they are, why. Oh, and have the firefox “no script” plug in running… this is great, it allows you to select which scripts to run on sites, I generally allow the sites own scripts (as long as I trust the sites) and deny all others…like the scripts associated with Adverts etc)

Reading through all that…anyone think I could do with more protection!!! LOL

I never tried NOD32 before. Previously was using BitDefender and it performs well. Now they are offering Free Edition for a year. But not sure whether it is renewable free for the subsequent year.

Of course, if you’re talking about free AV, probably there was not much vendor left. That includes Avast, AVG, Antivir, BitDefender and of course Comodo. One plus point for CAV is it free for home and commercial. Unlike other, it’s just for personal/home use.

Roy, I get it. Nice tests they did there.

I see NOD32 still rules. :smiley: