Antivirus 3.5[Solved]

Why not make CAV a separate program again. I mean CIS is an awesome product, but what about the people that have an Internet Security software installed, and just want CAV as a standalone AV.

Also I am also thinking Comodo should make a U3 Compatible Antivirus program.

And I remember browsing through one of the topics, can’t remember which one, that was talking about Comodo making an Internet Browser like Firefox, or making a browser strictly for SSL connections. Anyways, instead of competing with the major companies on a full blown browser, maybe make a U3 compatible browser.

However: those are just my own opinions.

You Can Have Make CAV Standalone (Download the CIS Installer > Uncheck The Firewall Component)

** If you want Defense Disabled (Open the GUI > Defense > Advance > Defense Settings > Disable & Check Deactivate Defense Permanently)

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Yeah, it helps to know that thanks. Friend of mine loves CAV, but recently just got McAfee Internet Security 2009, so he had to uninstall CAV, then when he wanted CAV again, he noticed it was now CIS. So thanks for the quick reply.

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