This site was previously detected as malware & its a malware. But now its detected safe, why?

This site is definitely malicious.

Index page of this site is Safe, so SI verdict is correct. Because it’s a verdict of index page only, not the site.
Index page has no drive-by payload. BUT, this site hosts malware :

I thought SiteInspector also took into account whether there was malware reported on that site.

SiteInspector free page scan provides scanning of the web-pages or URLs without, but not a scanning of sites with the depth.

So, when you start free scanning of “”, SI will scan only index page of this site, but not all pages of the site.

But here:
you may find all HighRisk/Suspicious sites with a risk descriptions and the links to all found unsafe pages on the site.

Please offer comments on the interface, we will improve it.

I heard they don’t have a paid version of SI anymore so any word on the free version getting more in depth scanning that the paid version had

the only thing i would recommend changing is when a malware file is dected by the cloud it says “detected by comodo cloud checking”

maybe change checking to antivirus

Just out of curiosity, where did you hear that there is no longer a paid version of SI

i heard it here

link to thread

thanks for the info

i wonder if the free version will be more in depth now.
maybe Vadim will give us some info