I installed the recent version of Comodo Anti-Spam on my Windows Vista 64 bit system.
However once I open up windows mail I see no toolbar or anything to interact with this program,theres no way of telling the program which e-mails I recieve are Spam and not Spam.

There should be an icon with a red circle round it in your system tray. Double click on this and you will bring up the user interface. If it isn’t there, try logging off and on again. If this does not work then please say, as a few people (including me) have a problem with the icon disappearing & I’d like to track your problem back to its source to see it has the same cause as mine.

Are you using 2.7 Beta or 2.6?

It may be worth reading the first and only (so far) FAQ entry, so you understand how CAS is supposed to work.