AntiSpam not letting Outlook 2003 retrieve emails from server

I have Comodo Internet Security installed and using Comodo Internet Security Firewall - and just installed Comodo AntiSpam. However, when I have the the Challenge/Response mode turned on, none of my emails are downloaded from the mail server.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Hi Kippiper,

It may be that your email accounts aren’t fully setup in CAS itself. Please go into CAS Settings and review the POP and SMTP settings for your accounts.


Thanks, Eric!

Okay, I double checked everything and the POP and SMTP settings are set up - identical to the settings in Outlook. No authentication is required for either incoming or outgoing.

Any other thoughts?



Lots of thoughts…

Are you using an SSL Connection?

Are emails appearing in Quarantine?

Are you running IMAP or POP3??


Hi Eric -

Nope, not an SSL connection.

No emails appearing in Quarantine.


I hope that helps!


Which email program are you using?

Which antivirus program are you using?

Does the incon in the systray animate when you click send/receive in your email program?

I’m sure we’ll figure this out eventually.


Thanks so much for your patience and persistance, Eric!

I am running Outlook 2003.

I am running Comodo Internet Security.

Now for your last question:

  1. When I have the policy turned on, the icon does not animate, but a little teeny weeny envelope icon flashes in and then out. However, none of my emails are retrieved from the server.

  2. When I have the policy turned off, the icon does not animate nor do I get the teeny envelope - and I do get my emails.


Thanks -


Hi Kippiper:

      Have you blocked the contacts in ADB and set the Blocked Messages action as "Delete Message"? If your setting is that, maybe can reproduce your problem! Hope this is help for you!

I’ve PM’d the Devs on this one who might be able to shed a little more light on things.


This may be related.

I just installed Comodo Anti Virus and Anti Spam.
I use Outlook Express to get emails from 2 separate gmail accounts.
The one set as my main account is fine. When I go to check emails in that account, they download.

But when I try to check for emails in the second account nothiing happens. Right now there are 4 emails I can see when I log into gmail over the internet. However, I want them to download into Outlook Express.

In Anti Spam, there are no blocked accounts for that second email address.

Does Comodo not like people having 2 gmail accounts?

Hi Kippiper:

       Please go to account page in CAS, you will find all your accounts under monitoring. Please try these steps:
      1. Close all you e-mail clients.
      2. Remove all your accounts under CAS monitoring.
      3. Import all the accounts by import button. If some prompt messagebox ask for your confirmation on change your mail clients' settings, please click 'Yes' on it.
      Then you could launch you email clients to receiving e-mails.

Hi JLangdon121:

   Please try those steps:
   1. Go to account page in CAS, I think you could find two accounts here.
   2. Remove the second account which you could not get emails from it.
   3. Launch you mail client, Outlook Express, try to get your emails to confirm you could download e-mails without CAS monitoring.
   4. If you could not download e-mails, check your settings in Outlook Express and make sure it's correct.
   5. Then close your e-mail client, import the account by CAS again.
   Gail has one feature that one e-mail could be downloaded only once until you reset the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' settings for 'POP downloading' to 'Enable POP for all e-mails'.
    Hope this helps.

    And you said you installed Comodo Anti-Virus, would you please tell us the version number you installed. Thanks!