AntiSpam Gateway login and delivery issue - UPDATED

Good day,

We are aware that a small number of ASG customers are experiencing issues whereby they cannot log in to the administrative management portal or where their email is failing to be delivered.

Over the weekend of September 14th & 15th Comodo migrated the ASG login, filtering and database servers to a significantly more powerful network and hardware infrastructure. Unfortunately, for reasons outside of our control that we are currently investigating, certain email domains did not have their DNS data proliferate automatically and were adversely affected.

We are urgently working to remediate this issue and to restoring ASG to full functionality for of all our customers.

We sincerely apologize for any disruption the current ASG status is causing you.

It looks like mail delivery is returning to normal after manipulation of DNS records. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.

Kind regards,
Michel Bechard
ASG Product Manager

It looks like there are new ip address for the gateway and

This information would have saved me 5 hour.


Yes, I agree. There should be an automated notification when IP changes happen.
Such notifications are automated and many providers provide those type of notifications.


Issue is, the IP weren’t supposed to change - the 50.x addresses were supposed to relay to<>from the 178.x addresses.