Antispam Gateway Down

Anyone else having problems gain access to website for ?

Update we and our clients are not getting any inbound emails have chatted with support and all I was asked if my SSL certificate has expired as this is all they deal with. Also sent a support ticket which has gone unanswered. I have been a supporter of Comodo ASG gateway but this and the ongoing delay in the inbound queue has made me think I need to find another for ourselves and our clients as a full failure and no support is not on.

After a number of calls to the US from the UK I have been told that their ISP has a connection issue and until that is fixed we are stuck with no incoming or outgoing email.

I am seeing it down here as well.

Here as well. We are in the US but I think we may be using EU servers.


find another for ourselves and our clients
Let us know what you come up with.

I will do used to use McAfee at least they had a rollover system but then closed it down when taken over by Intel.

A bit if digging and here is the hosting service status page Network & Infrastructure Status - SBG

It looks like the web interface just came back online.

I am not sure yet whether any mail is actually flowing.

During the downtime I have begun the steps for a 30 day trial of Appriver’s services. Looks like the cost is six times what I’m paying Comodo but they have a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

As you experienced, we had total outage due to OVH datacenter losses power. This is embarrassing for them and so we are.

After we recovered (the outage started around 3 am EST and resolved around 12 pm EST) the delivery queue start decreasing but there were some messages that has been delayed for 9 hours. Now all traffic returned normal.

We have already planned to move another datacenter that has better SLAs and uptime, the transfer is planned end of this year. Sorry for inconveniences.

I have six clients who have emails in the queue which are over 24 hours the queues are not being released and this is not on.

Yesterday OVH down. Ok
But, where can i find status service for comodo antispam gateway product?
Somo Twitter account?
Web page status information ?
Thank you

I use the web interface and look at incoming queue and also use logs to see if mail going in and out.

Hope that helps as never seen an online status page.

Ok, but we can access to web interface…
So we need some web, twitter,rss,etc about Comodo product status info
thank you

Yes you are right, we have started to prepare an health page on a seperate link related to necessary services.
We will try to finish it asap and announce it to make you informed continously through this page.