Antispam crashing when reporting spam.

A new problem has arisen now with Antispam, when I go into the display quarantine database after recieving email and sort through the emails and check off which ones to allow and which ones to block, then click on the ok button it allows the one that I have ticked as ok to allow but when it sends the ones that I want blocked through to Comodo, a message box comes up saying Antispam has encountered a problem and needs to close, any-one got any ideas on what causes this to happen.

I’ve got the same problem. Does that mean I need to re-download the program, going through all the registration info again!

Hopefully we’ll get an answer to this problem

obviously no-one else seems to have this problem or the support staff don’t come into the part of the forum, as there has been no response to this problem, come on guys!

I’m having the same problem. Also, I sometimes get messages with no from: field, which causes AntiSpam to sit there with the hourglass and I have to kill the cas task in task manager.

I’m sorry you guys haven’t gotten a response. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with AS to walk thru it.

Have any of you filed tickets with Support?


I get the same results and have to restart the program. I can select maybe 4-5 messages to block and it’s ok, sometimes. I did send an e-mail to support but have not never received a response. Maybe they have my e-mail as spam :wink:



Please file your ticket with Support online here: I realize there is an email address listed in the software, but the initial ticket needs to go via the web. From there you may converse via email, and log back in online to check status, add responses there as well, etc. Sorry about that. :frowning:


Will do. Thanks.

I just downloaded and install CAS v 1.01.
When I wanted to submit the spam that CAS had found it always error and CAS always shut off. Back to normal after reboot. No problem when I deleted it.
My system Win XP sp2 and I attached some report in this email for your evaluation.
Best REgards.

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New Forum user here. I’ve had the same problem, only with a specific “Spam-E-Mail” for nearly a year now. Yes, I put in a Ticket on it, and in the end I was told to watch for new release that might resolve this. (There have been none).

I get a Spam with a “Blank” or “Invisible” header. I can delete them (sometimes multile ones), but if I try to report them or Block-Domain, the whole program just freezes…