AntiSpam & Antivirus not Working together

AntiSpam & Antivirus not Working together

AntiSpam worked fine the first time; the Quarantine Database was full of trashy emails and allowed me to select what was what; now SPAM is getting through.

I placed a check-mark on the “Block e-mail from” and “Block Everyone in a Domain” in the Authentication Database and the SPAM from people and mailing list blocked is getting into my mail box.

I also checked the quarantine database, and the SPAM mail is not there. I have problems as well with your antivirus, not scanning properly. I had installed all your products and still thinking they are great but need improvements and that all of them work together.

What to do?? any patching utility to fix these? Any suggestions?

Please let me know ???

Hi Rabelop,

I suggest you contact the support team…they may already have a fix for this.

Or at least they may know if its a known problem.