AntirVirus Update

I’ve installed the latest version of CIS (3.9.95478.509_xp_vista_x32). Cannot update database. Takes about 1 minute to get to 30%,then about 1 hour to get to 50%. After approximately 4 hours dialog box indicated “applying the updates” and then hung. I gave up after doing this three times. This is relative new problem. Been using CIS for some time now without problems. The issue appears to be on your end.

I have a degree in Computer and ElectronicTechnology so I am pretty sure I know what i"m doing. Please follow with suggestions.

This is strange, a complete update from baseline .509 took no more than ten minutes (though CIS was the only app that was downloading something at the time)

Isn’t there any additional info you can provide?

Any preliminary troubleshooting steps you carried being an IT graduate?

I have the same problem. That is, after installing 3.10.xxxxxx.529 a manual virus database update stalls at 30%. I don’t know yet what happens after the extended time periods mentioned by the OP. The virus database is reported on the “About” page to be 1157.

I too had this problem last night! I spent a couple hours waiting and rebooting to get it to work. But after I gave up with the CIS for the evening I did a complete Microsoft Update on my system and then went back to update my CIS AV and it worked perfectly. Don’t know if an update on your computers will help but it did for me!

When I did the clean install (that was made necessary by the auto update messing up my settings and not getting the new trusted vendors list) the AV update took close to an hour to download and apply. It may have even been more than an hour. It updated to 1538 and has remained at that number ever since. No further AV updates have been applied.

I would guess that the servers have been overloaded today and this will settle down soon.

Yeah well it seems like they solved some people’s problems with the update balloons by just not updating any more ;D The balloons never bothered me, at least you knew things were working.