Ring 0 HIPS test

I have no idea about Russian language but a table is a table. ;D

Well done CIS team. :-TU

BTW, maybe some of our Russian members would translate (on short) methodology and results…

While you wait…

Congrats, Comodo! As a HIPS solution, there is no stronger than you! :-TU

It is interesting to see that the three weakest products, Online Armor, ZoneAlarm and PC Tools have a wide disparity of alerts, with Online Armor having very many and PC Tools among the least.

I would have thought that the fewest alerts would have resulted in the weakest protection.

That’s strange, I thought Online Armor was the other great product with Comodo…

well done :-TU

behold the power of the CIS

Can someone figure out what +* means?

Yes they explain that.

Deserve special consideration specialized HIPS-products: DefenseWall Personal Firewall, GeSWall and Safe `n` Sec Deluxe. Their results are in Table 1 are marked with an asterisk (*).

These products (here you can talk about any sandbox) distrust of the file stems not from a heuristic mechanism, and from where it was discovered, and / or the file has been launched. Thus, there categorization of programs on the trusted and untrusted. In this case, all actions of the untrusted zone will be analyzed / blocked, but from the Trusted zone allowed. Therefore, the results of these programs will vary depending on prior user actions in Table 1 are marked with an asterisk.

It continues with more detail.

It proved that many HIPS makers just followed matousec test, and they just hide in the shadows of test result!!
while COMODO finds the ultimate protection!! :comodorocks:

PS what happened to CIS self-protection test ?

If you mean about a script that deleted whole Comodo folder, I believe it was fixed…

I simple do not believe Online Armor’s result.
Just check Launguy’s video of the latest version.
Besides I’ve been wacthing OA’s tests in YouTube from several testers for the last two years and not one single thing ever passed through.
And now an obscure Russian finds it to be a flawed product… please.

yes, big big surprise about OA??? i have OA++ and it is svery strong (with 1 millions of pop-up when i lunch winamp), it’s an error they have tested Norton or what?? >:-D

Either I’m very dumb or this post is… well.

I’m posting again for another reason: every time someone (whoever) does a “test” where CIS “behaves well” a lot of Fan Boys jump in amazement… Gentlemen, keep your wits about you. We all (who are tech saviour enough to use Comodo) now that it is a top notch product. We now how it performs. We now how effective it is.

Calm down and keep things in perspective.

something was wrong.

something changed !!! ??? ??? :o :o

The have cancelled the test
Comment on the forum from the administrator:


Friends, I have to admit not a good thing.

First time in our history we have to recall an article that has already been published.

The fact that there were serious doubts about the validity of the results for some products (eg, Online Armor). During the test, clerical errors were made, and that distorted the results.

Anything can happen in life. We acknowledge our mistakes and make the incident the most serious conclusions. I beg to treat with understanding what has happened.

Republication of the test results is scheduled for next Wednesday (November 10).

yep, I called it.
Hope we’ll see some new results.

New results.
Now it looks like only OA, OSSS, Outpost and Spyware Terminator pass in default config. :o

Comodo Internet Security when running a test application proposes to run it in a sandbox, if you agree with that, then all attempts to penetrate into the core will be stopped. [b]In normal mode[/b], as is the case with Kaspersky Internet Security in all cases, the test will fail.
Normal mode? Is that block or allow?

what they are talking about is that they got a pop up asking that asked for global access, if you clicked sandbox everything was blocked, if you clicked allow everything was let through. Totally normal to me.

OK now results are corrects for all soft… but the number of cases is very restricted.