Is there an antivirus in Comodo Firewall and if so how do I shut it down.

I am using another Anti-virus program and don’t want to have two running.


Comodo Firewall automatically checks all running processes against the cloud. If one of these does turn out to be dangerous it will quarantine it.

However, this does not function the same as an antivirus, and is thus safe to allow it to function this way alongside your current antivirus software.

I guess the question is, did you install the firewall, or did you install CIS? The CIS installer will install the AV unless you tell it not to.

If you right-click on the tray icon, do you see anything about the AV in the popup menu? If so, you have the AV installed. You can either select to disable it from the tray icon, or you can uninstall it by going to Start → Programs → Comodo → Comodo Internet Security, (Sorry, I don’t know how to do this on Windows 8…) and selecting the Add and Remove Components wizard.

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies.

I am a newbee at this so please bear with me.

Chiron - that’s fair enough, I wasn’t worried about the safety aspet of running Comodo alonside my existing anti-virus. What concerns me is that it might slow my system down if I have two anti-virus’s running alonside each other.

HeffeD - I have gone into "“Manage My Configurations” and only "Firewall Security seems to be active so can I safetly assume that the Internet Security which is there but not shown as “Active” is indeed not operational. I have just emoved it anyway just to be sure.